The 10 best webcams for your meetings

published on 22 January 2024

Below a list of nice and quality webcam, over a resonable price range. Let's go !

At the bottom, my top 3.

Razer Kiyo X


The Kiyo X departs from the original Kiyo's integrated ring light, yet its impressive automatic white balance and color saturation compensate for its absence. The forward-facing ring light on the original Kiyo, common to all such lights, can cast harsh shadows on the person being filmed, particularly without a diffuser.

When faced with the choice between an integrated ring light and the Kiyo X's software, the preference leans towards the latter. Video settings are customizable through the Razer Synapse app. Unlike the pricier Kiyo Pro, which necessitates Synapse tweaking for optimal appearance, the Kiyo X delivers excellent performance right out of the box. The Kiyo X exhibits swift autofocus, and even when refocusing is required, it tends to do so with minimal disturbance. It captures video in 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second or 720p resolution at 60 frames per second, boasting a slightly wider 82-degree field of vision.

Logitech Brio Stream 


The Logitech Brio Stream, initially introduced in 2017, was among the pioneers in offering mainstream webcams with 4K resolution at 30 frames per second. Despite the emergence of competing premium webcams in the market, the Brio remains my preferred choice for a 4K webcam. In 2022, Logitech provided a minor update, incorporating enhanced software and a privacy shutter, yet the earlier model remains a solid and more affordable option. The webcam maintains accurate white balance, consistently presenting natural skin tones in various lighting conditions, be it in a well-lit room, low-light environment, or under artificial lighting. The autofocus operates swiftly and subtly during refocusing, delivering razor-sharp images. Additionally, it offers flexibility with selectable field-of-view options, allowing you to choose from 65, 78, or an expansive 90 degrees for diverse framing possibilities. For Windows users, there's the added advantage of setting it up for Windows Hello, enabling face authentication for login. Although it comes with a higher price tag, the Brio 4K provides the best quality available short of using a DSLR or mirrorless camera. 

Logitech C615


The specifications were impressive, especially considering the original price, featuring 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second and a 78-degree field of view. The image quality remains satisfactory in most lighting conditions, except in low light scenarios. Notably, the camera offers a 360-degree swivel function, a feature our reviews editor, Julian Chokkattu, utilizes when the camera is not in use, given the absence of a privacy shutter. On the downside, the microphone records in mono, lacking stereo capability, and the short cord might be inconvenient for desktop use, although it works well with laptops. It's advisable to consider purchasing it when priced below $40.

Jabra Panacast 20


Jabra's PanaCast 20 marks the company's entry into the home webcam market at $329, a departure from its business-focused line. While more affordable than its conference room counterparts, it faces tough competition from the $199.99 Razer Kiyo Pro and $129.99 Poly Studio P5 in terms of audio and video quality. The sleek, pillbox-shaped design of the PanaCast 20, with a unique metal build, sets it apart. It's portable, with a 4K camera, 13MP sensor, and 117-degree lens, offering Intelligent Zoom and a wide field of view.

The webcam's audio capture, utilizing a three-microphone array, delivers good quality but may sound slightly fuzzy. In well-lit conditions, the 4K camera produces a sharp image, but noise becomes noticeable in darker settings. The Intelligent Zoom feature, while moderately effective, works smoothly.

Jabra's PanaCast 20 excels in portability, Intelligent Zoom, and microphone coverage for video calls but falls short in affordability and overall performance when compared to more budget-friendly competitors like the Razer Kiyo Pro and Poly Studio P5. The 4K Dell UltraSharp Webcam and Anker PowerConf C300 offer better alternatives for specific use cases, making the PanaCast 20 a pricier option to consider carefully.

Logitech Brio 500


Logitech's Brio 500 offers more than just its 1080p resolution, standing out with a 90-degree field of view, dual microphones, and innovative features like RightLight 4 and "RightSight" AI auto-framing. Priced around $130, it competes in a market skewed by the pandemic. While its design is modern and eco-friendly, with a built-in privacy shutter, the webcam's size may be larger than some competitors. The non-detachable 5-foot USB-C cable and magnetic monitor mount contribute to stability, despite a minor issue with tilting. In well-lit conditions, the Brio 500 excels in adjusting exposure and white balance, providing a balanced image. The auto-white balance and exposure are impressive, considering its price point.

However, RightLight 4 tends to flatten the image even in ideal lighting. The webcam performs well in low-light scenarios, showcasing clarity and detail. Its dual microphones, featuring noise reduction, deliver decent voice quality, comparable to basic headset mics. Compatible with Logitech's Logi Tune software, the Brio 500 offers firmware updates, AI auto-framing, and productivity integration. Priced around $130, it competes with more budget-friendly alternatives, but its features and performance make it a compelling choice for those seeking quality and versatility in a webcam.

Logitech StreamCam


Logitech's Streamcam is an innovative webcam, offering 1080p at 60 FPS and seamless adjustment between landscape and portrait modes. Priced at $180, often available for around $100 on Amazon, it competes with Elgato Facecam and Razer Kiyo Pro. The unboxing experience reveals a well-designed camera in a Logitech for Creators-themed box.

The modern, cubical design, available in white or gray, differs from Logitech's older models. While visually appealing, it falls slightly short of Razer Kiyo Pro's metal build. The fabric-covered lens area lacks a manual lens cover for privacy. The non-removable, 1.5m USB-C cable is a drawback, contrasting with competitors like Razer Kiyo Pro and Elgato Facecam.

The Streamcam emphasizes modularity, easily detaching for horizontal or vertical use, compatible with tripods. Logitech G Hub software offers customization options, including zoom, focus, and exposure. Logitech Capture software provides advanced features, though streaming service integration is lacking.

With a 1080p, 60 FPS capture, the Streamcam's image quality is commendable in well-lit conditions but falters in low light. The dual microphones, while suitable for video conferencing, fall short for streaming. Priced around €100, the Streamcam is a strong contender, although its $180 base price may warrant consideration of alternatives like Razer Kiyo Pro or Elgato Facecam for added features.

El Gato Facecam


Elgato Facecam brings a breath of fresh air to the webcam market, catering to content creators with impressive specs. Awarded at CES 2022, it boasts an f/2.4 aperture, 24mm focal length, and a Sony Starvis CMOS, justifying its claim as "the world's most powerful webcam." While bulkier than typical webcams, the Facecam delivers fantastic video quality for home office use.

Priced around $180, it competes with counterparts like Logitech StreamCam and Anker PowerConf C300. Plug-and-play ready, its functionality expands with the accompanying software, compatible with Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and more. The absence of built-in mics directs focus to uncompressed video processing, reducing latency and artifacts. With onboard memory, settings remain consistent across devices.

Mounting flexibility and a 6-foot USB cord enhance user convenience. Notably, the Facecam opts for superior video quality over an expansive field of view, with adjustable FOV through the Elgato Camera Hub. Video performance impresses with vibrant colors, enhanced contrast, and minimal noise, making it ideal for creators shooting regularly.

Despite a higher price, the Elgato Facecam stands out for its DSLR-like feel, compact design, and cutting-edge specs, making it a top choice for content creators seeking superior video quality.

Insta 360 Link


The Insta360 Link webcam earns praise not only for its impressive aesthetic but also for its performance. This sleek device, originating from a company known for its action cameras, boasts a motorized head with near-360-degree rotation, making it suitable for dynamic presentations or demonstrations. Its facial detection ensures you stay centered in the frame, while hand gestures control zoom and activate unique modes like Whiteboard and Overhead.

The Link's standout feature is its 4K resolution, facilitated by a 1/2-inch sensor, surpassing competitors in video quality. Autofocus remains smooth, even at close distances. The Link Controller app provides easy management, allowing manual control and adjustments to settings like white balance and contrast. The webcam's dual noise-canceling microphones offer decent audio quality.

While the $300 price tag might deter some, the Link competes with alternatives like the Obsbot Tiny 4K and the Logitech Brio. For those in need of automatic tracking and gesture control, the Link excels, making it a top choice for frequent video recording, presentations, or creative activities. Despite the cost, its sleek design, advanced features, and superior video quality establish the Insta360 Link as a premium option in the webcam market.

Dell WB7022


The UltraSharp WB7022 by Dell stands out as a feature-rich webcam, offering a 4K resolution with a Sony Starvis CMOS sensor similar to the Razer Kiyo Pro. It competes with the Kiyo Pro but adds several additional features. Windows Hello compatibility, AI auto-framing, three FOV settings, and HDR support contribute to its versatility. The cylindrical design provides a modern aesthetic, complemented by a magnetic privacy cap for added convenience.

The 4K resolution delivers a higher level of detail, surpassing standard 1080p webcams like the Logitech Brio. Autofocus impresses with consistent performance, maintaining clarity during dynamic movements. The Dell Peripheral Manager allows extensive customization, from FOV settings to HDR adjustments.

While the webcam lacks a built-in microphone, the absence is a plus, considering the common audio quality issues in integrated microphones. It exhibits a unique trait of becoming physically warm during prolonged use, a notable but not critical observation.

The UltraSharp WB7022 excels in design and performance, making it a valuable choice for those seeking enhanced production value. The only drawback is its stand design, limiting tilt adjustments without moving the entire monitor. Overall, it stands as a gateway to professional streaming, offering a well-designed 4K webcam with customizable features for a perfect shot in various settings.

Dell WB3023


The Dell WB3023 QHD 1440p Webcam delivers a stellar video communication experience. Its 2K QHD, 1440p camera with a Sony image sensor ensures vivid picture clarity, capturing true-to-life colors through High Dynamic Range (HDR) in diverse lighting conditions. The Facial Detection Auto Exposure (FDAE) guarantees clear facial features by balancing harsh lighting, while Temporal (3D) and Spatial (2D) Noise Reduction eliminates graininess and motion blur, providing exceptional image clarity even in low light.

The webcam's noise reduction mic ensures your voice is heard amidst any surrounding distractions. Privacy is prioritized with an integrated sliding shutter, and you can customize your view with swivel, tilt, and adjustable Field of View (65°, 78°). The Dell Peripheral Manager software allows personalized settings, offering presets and customizable features like HDR and Field of View adjustments.

Certified for Microsoft Teams and Zoom, and compatible with various platforms including Skype and Google Hangouts, the WB3023 is a valuable addition to home offices. Additional software enhancements, such as 2x digital zoom and Auto-Light Correction, contribute to an enhanced visual experience. With its focus on privacy and flexibility, this webcam stands out for its impressive features and adaptability to individual preferences.

My top 3

  1. Logitech C615
  2. Dell WB3023
  3. Jabra Panacast 20

I hope this top 10 will be usefull for you.

Enjoy your meetings !

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